Quick Reference German WX Briefing

Welcome to a quick overview, how to get a Weather Briefing for a VFR Flight in Germany. It is not a complete „manual“, for details consult a flight instructor or weather briefer. The website www.flugwetter.de (subscription required) offers various aviation weather reports, forecasts and analysis. Every product is accessible from two places: Produktübersicht (Product Overview […]

Ressources for Learning Pilots

During the last years of working with many great learning pilots, each one trying to achieve his next aviation goal, I noticed, that there are some topics that come up repeatedly. On this page I would like to share some Ressources that helped me understand some concepts – especially related to recurring questions from pilots […]

Flying Simplified

I would like to share this article, written by Paul Furnee in March 2017 – legendary flight instructor. FLYING SIMPLIFIED To start with, it makes learning to fly a whole lot easier if you have a basic understanding of some of the aeronautical terms and anomalies particular to small training aircraft. It is easier to learn, if you […]

Flying the Lake LA-4-200

N9777 S/N 471 During the training for my seaplane rating with Paul Furnee, i started to take notes. The notes became more and more, so that i decided to turn them into this report. This document does not substitute any legal document and does not replace thorough training in the aircraft. According to Paul Furnee, […]

Energy Management Principles

By Paul Furnee, 28 March 2017 Who knew his greatness as flight instructor and his sense of humor and his ability to establish smart correlations, will recognize Pauls language in this short, educational and humoristic essay. Energy management principles  Whenever an aircraft is airborne it has stored energy.  This energy manifests itself as Altitude (potential energy) […]