Meeting Mozart in Mannheim

Even as I have spent the last two decades in opera houses focusing primarily on singing roles, performing on stage as an actor / singer, I began my career as a conductor, and so this has always accompanied my perspective of the repertoire as I studied and performed it.

Now as I embark on a renewed career in conducting I find that all of the experiences of working on the dramatic and vocal side of these composers enables me to bring a deeper sense of the voice of the composer, their desires, and the feelings behind the gestures within their music.

While I never imagined this as a plan or process for continuing my work as a conductor, it continues now in parallel as I look towards new projects where I can perform both as baritone and conductor in the same work. In the coming days and weeks I will tell you more about these projects.

For now, here is a short clip of Mozart, with whom I have spent all these years in opera houses and in oratorio, giving him a voice!

Thanks for the support of everyone involved!!

Kurpfälzisches Kammerorchester


Kaupo Kikkas

NO-TE Artists (Krystian Nowakowski)

Welltempered Productions (Kathy Geisler)

Gabriele Gefäller


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