Flying Simplified

I would like to share this article, written by Paul Furnee in March 2017 – legendary flight instructor. FLYING SIMPLIFIED To start with, it makes learning to fly a whole lot easier if you have a basic understanding of some of the aeronautical terms and anomalies particular to small training aircraft. It is easier to learn, if you […]

Energy Management Principles

By Paul Furnee, 28 March 2017 Who knew his greatness as flight instructor and his sense of humor and his ability to establish smart correlations, will recognize Pauls language in this short, educational and humoristic essay. Energy management principles  Whenever an aircraft is airborne it has stored energy.  This energy manifests itself as Altitude (potential energy) […]

Pitch, Power and Airspeed

An understanding of the relationship between pitch attitude, power applied, and resultant airspeed is very important to control the vertical position of the aircraft. While roll and yaw can be controlled by the yoke and rudder, and are closely related, the vertical component is somewhat more complicated. A change in one component does not make […]